Yes, you read it correctly! Your chiropractor not only makes your bones and joints feel better, he/she can teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Your musculoskeletal pain can be addressed, while at the same time, you can learn about some great wellness tips. After all, overcoming pain is essential and important, of course, but so is finding out new ways to live an optimal life of energy and vigor. In fact, Dr. Cynthia Schade at www.ActiveLifeChiroClinic.com says, “A body needs to be focused and well on every level, and your own personal chiropractor can help you to live your life to its fullest.”

Good Nutrition - How Do I Figure It Out?

A healthy lifestyle can help you in so many ways, one of which is reducing your health problems. Conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple other diseases are increased by a poor diet and low quality nutrition. You can always change your bad eating habits at any time and make some common sense decisions when it comes to food. You may already know by now that following diet fads don’t normally work. Many of us struggle year in and year out with weight gain and loss, only to gain it back yet again. There is no easy solution, but your chiropractor can help you learn how to lose weight effectively and safety.

They can work with you one on one and teach you what foods are rich in vitamins and minerals and what kind of food substitutions (and supplements) are needed to get the most out of your diet. Chiropractors take care of your body, inside and out. They can recommend ways to shed those extra pounds safety and effectively, and then teach you how to keep those pounds off. We all know that there is no magical cure for obesity and poor diet, but no one is ever too old to learn how to buy and eat the proper foods for optimum health. Eating correctly can change your life and make you healthier and stronger than you ever thought possible.

Although your chiropractor is great at aligning your spine, neck and other joints, he/she can also help you lose weight and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle because they understand all aspects and workings of the human body.

Don’t Forget to Move!!

There are many areas to consider for your wellness and good health. One of the most important is physical exercise. If all you can do is walk, then you can walk yourself to a more healthy body, mind and spirit. Exercise relieves stress as well as giving you more energy and stamina. It is also a wonderful way to shed those extra pounds. Reducing stress, sleeping well and the proper number of hours, good diet, working out (or at least walking) - all these things are necessary for a healthy life. All of these topics can be discussed with your chiropractor, who is trained in all areas concerning a healthy, happy life.

Discuss with your chiropractor about your nutritional needs. He/She is a great person to partner with to increase your longevity and happiness, an ally who will stand by you to help you achieve your goals. Nutritional counseling and guidance in all areas of your life is possible in the office of your chiropractor. It is well known that having someone to help you with a multi-faceted plan to attain your desired weight goal and learn how to have better overall health, is the most successful way to go.

Chiropractors Have Your Back…

Do you know what else can help you in your weight loss program? Getting your proper adjustments for your neck, spine and back. When your spine is properly aligned and free of subluxations, it is better able to retain the good nutrients needed for optimum health as well as being able to receive more oxygen into your system. And what does that mean? It means better workouts, more motivation, and better overall health and nutrition. An added benefit to regular adjustments are leaner and more toned muscles. Toned muscles mean less weight gain and less body fat.

When to schedule your Chiropractic appointment

You can’t always schedule an adjustment right after a workout, but that would be most beneficial. Adjustments also work to relax you and your entire body, thus you leave the office feeling better. And that makes you more motivated and eager to continue your new health regimen.
As you attend regular scheduled adjustments and therapy sessions with your chiropractor, you can be assured that any injury will be brought to light. Proper form when exercising is necessary to prevent injuries,and of course your chiropractor can advise you on how to cut down or eliminate injuries that you might not even be aware of.

As we all know, there is no miracle pill or silver bullet to use when you are trying to lose weight and/or obtain your maximum overall healthy lifestyle change. As with most things in life, remember that old axiom - if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. It takes hard work, diligence, and motivation to obtain any goal in life. But a healthy lifestyle and a healthy figure are very desirable goals and well worth the struggle to get there.

Your chiropractor can help you reach those goals, so find one in your local area if you don’t already have one and see what all the fuss is about!

Text 11 Nov Personal Injury Claims - When do you need a lawyer?

When do you need a lawyer?

We have all heard the lawyer jokes and even laugh at them sometimes, but having a good lawyer on your side is a tremendous plus when you’ve been in any type of accident.

Their experience and prestige goes a long way towards winning your case. When you consult with an attorney, you are letting the potential defendant know you are serious. And while most attorneys charge a decent-sized fee if they win your case, it’s well worth it in the end since those accident victims with attorneys get as much as 4 times more money than those without an attorney.  

While there are complex rules and regulations that must be considered as the legal system can be confusing and daunting, even consulting with an attorney is a signal to the insurance company that you mean business, and they well may settle out of court.  

So how do you know if you require or need an attorney to help solve your problem and find justice?

I asked this question to one of the lawyers at TSK Law Firm in Austin, Texas, and below are some of the types of injuries and accidents they say will need an attorney’s help and advice:

  • Injuries that are Severe - In most injury claims, the severity of your injuries and the time it takes for you to recover - if ever - is the basis of the amount of compensation you will receive. It just stands to reason that the higher the medical costs, the higher your claim for compensation is. You will want an attorney that will get you the highest amount possible, especially when the insurance company’s entire goal is to lay the fault on you and avoid paying you a single penny.

  • Medical Malpractice - This type of claim arises out of unprofessional, reckless, or careless treatment by a doctor, hospital, lab, nurse or any medical professional. You will need a lawyer who has had experience in malpractice cases.

  • Permanent or Long-Term Injuries - As we know, some accidents unfortunately can affect you for long periods of time - sometimes for life. You could be permanently disabled or handicapped for months or years. It is hard for a lay person to determine what compensation is needed for such an injury or disability. That is why you need a competent, experienced attorney; someone who knows what to do and say and will get you the most from your claim.

  • Toxic Exposure -  As we all know, our world is becoming more and more toxic. Exposure to toxins in the water, air, soil, food or most any product can cause you harm, even permanent disability or death.  However, these type of claims are often harder to prove.  There are usually complex scientific tests and data that might need to be collected and proved. (Remember Erin Brockovich?)  As you no doubt know, chemical and other industries have gone to great lengths to protect their interests, as well as their money.  These kind of claims have to have to an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Bottom line - get a lawyer.

  • Faulty, Defective and Dangerous Products - Whether it’s your face cream that burned your skin or your shampoo that caused your hair to fall out, it’s these types of dangers that lawyers are here to help us get justice for.

But what if an insurance company refuses to pay? Things being the way they are, there are insurance companies that will refuse to pay, no matter what the injuries are or how high the medical bills.  In a case like this, you HAVE to hire an attorney. When an insurance company, or even the government, refuses to pay, you will want to hire one, and hire the best you can. Yes, they will take their share of the settlement, but look at what you will get in the process. A settlement you most probably would not have had if you had not hired a lawyer.

How do you find a good lawyer?  Ask around - to friends, family, neighbors, even lawyer referrals. Also use Google to search for “personal injury attorney + your city” to find one near you.  Most lawyers offer a free consultation, so shop around if you feel the need to.

You can research each lawyer’s fees, education, experience, and usually their philosophy about law.

Narrow down your search, call them, and then talk to the ones you have chosen face-to-face.


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